We at PS Audio Scandinavia love music and we love great hi-fi products. 

We also have the greatest respect and admiration for the people behind these products. 

​We want to be the bestat what we do. This means having the best products and also providing our customers with

the best possible service: both before and during the sale and then for as long as they own the product.​

1. The History of PS Audio Scandinavia

PS Audio Scandinavia was founded in 1986 by two friends, Poul Sand and Peter Selmer. Their motivation for starting the company was solely the desire to reproduce the best possible sound. They shared a passion for audio and had both started building their own loudspeakers when they were in their early teens.

At first, we operated PS Audio as a small hi-fi store. We would build record players to individual customers’ requirements using turntables, arms and cartridges selected from a wide range of manufacturers. As we developed our expertise, the small store evolved into a more structured business.

Now, after more than 30 years of hard work we would like to be able to claim that we have finally achieved the perfect sound and the “Absolute Reference”, as our industry so often claims when new products are launched. Of course no such sound or products exist, but that does not stop us from dreaming.

If you are looking for the “Absolute Reference” – then you must look to real life. Visit for example the Royal Opera at Holmen (Copenhagen, Denmark), The Metropolitan Opera in New York (ideally get a seat on the first floor), the Vienna State Opera House or the Boston Symphony Hall. If jazz is your passion, in New York visit the Greenwich Village Jazz Club or the Blue Note Jazz Club, the Copenhagen Jazz House or Ronnie Scotts in London. You will of course find many more excellent jazz venues if you look.

When you have experienced a first class live performance in a really good venue, then you will finally understand the audiophiles’ obsession with stereo images, transparency, dynamics and the whole range of other qualities they treasure. You may have already experienced some of these things listening to an audio system, but nothing can compare to a real performance and this is the reference we must always return to.

The manufacturers whose products we supply are regarded as among the very best available in the world and their products will allow you to enjoy an extremely satisfying musical experience. This is our aim for all our customers and we are proud to say that we have many customers of over 20 years standing who have their lives enriched daily by the music they listen to on systems supplied by us.

One such customer is Kaj G. Nielsen who lives in Copenhagen. Kaj is blind and as a consequence has developed very acute listening skills. So much so, that his expertise is employed by several hi-fi designers to assess their products. Kaj was known as someone who would buy a set of loudspeakers and then change them after 6 months, as his sensitive hearing had made him aware of their deficiencies. That was until 2009, when we supplied Kaj with a set of McIntosh loudspeakers as part of a full McIntosh system. Kaj enjoyed the system until he passed away.

Also in our Gallery you will find photos (no addresses shown) from a wonderful music lovers NAGRA System combined with WILSON AUDIO XVX Chronosonic speakers. Which is a system capable of reproducing Bach's organ concerts in more or less full scae and of course not the worse system enjoying all other kind of music through.

2. Consulting and training

We regularly undergo training from our suppliers so that we have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that our dealers are fully conversant with the products they buy from us and that we can provide the best possible before and after sales support for our customers. We want to ensure that the customer buys the product that is right for their needs and that afterwards, they can enjoy their purchase, confident in the knowledge that we will provide any support they may need. This includes expert advice in the future when they want to upgrade their system. Eg. During a training visit in Salt Lake City, Utah we learned that less the 2 cm in a different speaker placement make a huge improvement.​

3. Our evolution into a distributor

In the early 1990s we evolved from being hi-fi store to become a distributor of a number of high-end audio brands. Also at this time, one of our founders, Poul Sand, left the business to pursue other interests. Paul and Peter remain very strong friends and Poul still provides us with invaluable advice.

As the company grew, we started to travel to overseas audio shows to find the special products we needed to expand and improve our lineup.

We developed a number of key criteria that had to be met when selecting a new product:

  1. First and foremost, the product must have exceptional sound quality.
  2. It must be built to a very high standard and have a long service life.
  3. The company must be well established. Most of the companies we deal with have been in business between 20 and 70 years. This means that all products we sell can be repaired, upgraded and re-sold
  4. ​ Very importantly for us, the people behind the company must have a passion for music and for the products they make. And these people must be part of the “PS Family”.
  5. ​All products must meet all the legal and safety regulations required for goods to be sold in Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Simply meeting the requirements of the country of manufacture is not enough. We will only ever sell a product if it conforms to all the relevant regulations and we will, if necessary, have the product modified to meet these regulations. When you buy your next piece of hi-fi, ask the seller to confirm that it may legally be sold in our market. This is for your own protection, as Scandinavia has very strict safety regulations.

Before any new product is offered for sale, we spend a lot of time using it in the company and then subject it to our own rigorous test procedures.

So strict is our selection process that we have only approved five tube amplifier makers: McIntosh, NAGRA, Audio Note KONDO, Synthesis and Leben Hi-Fi. We have examined many other tube amplifiers, but had to reject them as they did not meet the strict safety standards required for sale in Scandinavia. Others were also rejected as we regarded the cost of the tubes they used excessively expensive.

At PS Audio we build a very close relationship with our suppliers. In essence they become part of our “family” and we visit them every year to observe their production and confirm that standards are being maintained.​

4. Our dealer Network

Since the 1990s we have had a network of about 10 dealers to cover Scandinavia and Finland. In selecting dealers we place strong emphasis on good personal relationships and building close co-operation, so that we can offer the end user the best possible service.​

5. PS Audio today

Today we are proud to import and distribute a wide range of the world’s finest hi-fi brands and we can assure our customers that we stand 100% behind all of them. As times change, so have the priorities of our customers. A major concern for many is the ecology. The brands we import are very conscious of this, for example both McIntosh and NAGRA have worked very hard to produce products with significantly improved energy efficiency.

The economic difficulties of recent years have actually served to increase interest in high quality products. These difficulties have also spawned a wide range of low cost products, but we have decided against introducing any of these into our line-up, as none we have so far tested has met our strict quality requirements. In any case, it is far better in the long run for the customer to buy the right product first time, rather than go through a succession of “flavour of the month” products, none of which brings the satisfaction of buying the right product to start with.

Welcome to the world of beautiful music!

Peter Selmer


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