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Dear Music Lover

Every year PS Audio Scandinavia will be offered excellent products which fore one or more reasons does not “fit” into our line of fine audio products. These products will be offered at special prices and will be invoiced via one of our partneres. Please go to PS Audio Scandinavia facebook site to see latest updates. Thank you.
PS Audio Scandinavia, Facebook side 


YG Acoustics Carmel Black. Factory sealed wooden created. Price DKK 64.000 per pair. 



ProAc Response ER1 Subwoofer Black and Rosewood. Factory sealed. Each DKK 9.400.



ProAc Response D30D Dome Maple. Factory sealed. DKK 34.800 per pair. 



Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones Silver Metal/Brown Leather. Factory Sealed. DKK 2.200 



Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones Brass/Black Rubber. Factory Sealed. DKK 800



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