– See an introduction to Wilson Audio’s most technically advanced single-enclosure, compact loudspeaker in its storied history.

Part 1


Part 2


– We can proudly announce that EMT Studiotechnik is now a part of our family. There is a direct link to them on our Brand page.

– Venere S from Sonus faber is here.

– Wilson Audio introduces Sabrina – read it all here.

– 5 videos from NAGRA AUDIO in Las Vegas:




– There are news from Nagra. Read about the new amplifier (February 2015)

– Read here about the new McIntosh D150 Digital Preamplifier (January 2015)

– Read here about the new Nagra HD DAC (October 2014)

– New product announcement: Introducing the McIntosh MHP1000 headphones (September 2014)



McIntosh is proud to announce our first headphones, the McIntosh MHP1000.

Intimately experience the legendary McIntosh sound with the MHP1000 headphones.

The MHP1000 headphones have the same superior sound characteristics as McIntosh speakers and will envelope you in your music. The smooth, full bodied, non-fatiguing response is easy to listen to and allows you to hear new facets of your favorite songs. Outside noise and distractions are isolated by the closed headphone design, fostering a fully immersive personal listening experience. The ear pads and headband are a premium, natural, soft leather for luxurious comfort. A lightweight design combined with minimal pressure used to secure them on your head permit long, relaxing listening sessions.

The McIntosh designed headphone driver is engineered to work with any current or legacy McIntosh headphone amplifier. Two detachable cables are included: a 1 meter cable with a 3.5mm stereo connector and a 3 meter cable with a 6.3mm stereo connector. Both cables feature gold plated McIntosh custom designed connectors and shielded wiring for maximum sound quality.

– New product announcement: Introducing the McIntosh MC152 and MX301 Amplifiers (September 2014)




The MC152 stereo amplifier delivers 150 watts into two channels, while the MC301 monoblock amplifier delivers 300 watts into a single channel. With the release of these two models, the range of renowned McIntosh amplification has been expanded to lower power options, offering a greater choice to fit your individual audio needs.

Both units are perfect for modest sized systems where higher power output levels are not needed or in home theaters to power surround channels. The MC301’s monoblock design is the ultimate in system configuration as each speaker has its own dedicated amp, guaranteeing maximum channel separation and audio fidelity.

The MC152 and MC301 both feature a space saving design with a slim 6” tall chassis, allowing them to fit where larger models can’t. While they may be physically smaller than our other amplifiers, they still contain all the technology McIntosh is known for and will perform to the same high standards as any of our amps. Both include McIntosh output Autoformers that ensure every speaker receives full power regardless of its impedance while our unique Power Guard® circuitry prevents clipping that could damage your speakers. Our patented speaker binding posts provide a secure connection to your speaker cables. Balanced and unbalanced inputs are included on each for connecting your preamp, while the MC301 also includes balanced and unbalanced outputs for ease of connecting bi-amp configurations. The MC301 also incorporates our Quad Balanced design, where any noise is cancelled inside the Autoformer, yielding the highest power with the least amount of distortion.

Each is completed with a classic McIntosh black glass front panel, attractive silver end caps and large, easy to read blue watt meters that are globally recognized as a symbol of quality audio. Impress your friends and family with the legendary performance only McIntosh can deliver by adding the MC152 or MC301 to your audio system.

– Great news PS Audio Scandinavia is the distributor for the world famous Stirling Broadcast – Designers and builders of Loudspeakers in the BBC tradition. How – /where to order? Just email us at (August 2014)


Model LS3/5a



Model SB88



– Read about Vintage Classics and LS5/9 speakers below. (July 2014)


Rogers-LS59 -Low Ver_Catalogue kopiRogers-LS59 -Low Ver_Catalogue kopiRogers-LS59 -Low Ver_Catalogue kopi































































– PS Audio introduce MC-1 Moving Coil Cartridge from Charisma Audio. Visit our brand page for more information about the brand. (July 2014)


– Read about Fine Sounds Group Management & Investor Buyout. (July 2014)


– Read Watts Happening Vol. 12 from McIntosh. (June 2014)


– Besked fra the President


– Read Guarneri evolution right here. (January 2014)


– Read about the Nagra MPS Multiple Power Supply here. (November 2013)


– McIntosh: Version 2.0 of USB Audio “Driver A” Now Available. (November 2013)

This driver provides support for Windows 8 and needs to be installed on a computer so it can stream music to the following McIntosh models:

  • C48
  • C50
  • C2500
  • D100
  • MA5200
  • MA6700
  • MA7900
  • MA8000
  • MCD1100

In addition, this driver allows for control of the computer based music player’s transport commands (Play, Pause, Stop, Back and Next) via the McIntosh remote control.

This driver is available to download from each model’s individual product page in the Product Support > Software / Firmware Updates folder. An Apple driver is not needed for these models.

Please note: “Driver A” cannot be used with our new MCD550 SACD/CD Player. The MCD550 uses “Driver B” that was announced on October 14, 2013 (and is available on the MCD550 product page.


– See the Nagra Jazz preamplifier here. (November 2013)


– Read  the test of Quad 23L Classic here. (October 2013)


– Read about Thales turntable with battery drive here. (October 2013)


– Read news form McIntosh here. (October 2013)


– Er LP’en fremtidens musikmedie? Læs her. (September 2013)


– A step closer to the ultimate sound, by Dr. T. Farrimond. Read about Double Quad here. (September 2013)


–  HiFi Evenemang med nyheter och nostalgi 11-13 oktober. Peter Selmer, PS Audio Scandinavia och Christian Kölkvist, Audioactive presenterar nyheter och HiFi-nostalgi med bl.a. kommande nyheter från Primare. Læs mere her. (September 2013)


– Do you know Quad Elektrostaten? Read the story here. (September 2013)


– Please note that since Wednesday of August our email account was down so please sent your mail again. Now we are receiving all mails. (August 2013)


– New products from McIntosh. See. Read. And fall in love with them here. (August 2013)

C2500 Tube Preamplifier

MT5 Precision Turntable

McAire Integrated Audio System

MAC6700 Stereo Receiver

MA7900 Integrated Amplifier

MA6700 Integrated Amplifier

MA5200 Integrated Amplifier



– Read the great article McIntosh: Made in the U.S.A. here. (August 2013)


– Kære Rørentsuaster – så har vi alle Leben hjemme – herlige små venner. (August 2013)

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