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Analog – Vinyl – Turntables

OBS OBS: Ny sending på vej hjem fra RR Reference Recordings, Californien. Både vinyl samt CD’er.

Hold øje med siden. Titler bliver lagt op her. Der kommer helt nye indspilninger, der aldrig har været ude tidligere.

LP’s and PS are a very good match. PS Audio Scandinavia has more than 25 years of experience in setting up turntables. So we are – and were the pioneers in this field. This you also will see reflected in the fine family of analog companies having selected PS Audio Scandinavia as their partner.


Among these – please see further under “brands” – you will find the SME Turntables and SME Tonearm. The favorite choice among many music lovers and reviewer. SME is the safest investment among all current manufactures. The SME 10 can be regarded as todays AR Turntable.



Dynavector Cartridges.





What is this now? Again PS Audio Scandinavia was chosen a partner for this lovely cartridge. Anyone owing a music collection has noticed the fantastic lifelike sound recorded by the record label  Decca of London. And also their list of fantastic musical artist is endless. Many years back the Decca people invented their own reference cartridge and this design is today built under a new name, London, and is no longer a part of Decca but  still same fantastic, dynamic sound. Probably the fastest cartridges around. But please ask you for recommendations of specific model as their all look the same. Don’t listen to a classical guitar via a London cartridge – unless you want to buy that cartridge.



The youngest partner ship at PS Audio Scandinavia  – but yet the most experienced “phonograph” manufacturer we are working with. And maybe the only one  in the world controlling and building every part needed in the cartridge. This also results in a performance which does not match the price level of the Nagaoka family. If these cartridges were priced like some other companies are “calculating” the price would simply be multiplied by a factor of 3 times. These cartridges are all Best Buy in their respective classes.


Oct. 1st. 2013 – NEWS: All Nagaoka now in stock.


Breur. Herren Edw


Luckily – we and Michha Thales found each other – to be continued…..


Lak plade

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